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Release 1.97.60

Added: 10 Toyota Denso DTCAvailable SW:89663-48480-89663-48480-A89663-52K81 14 GAZ EDC17CV44/54Added speed limit 17 KMZ Cummins CM2xxx [...]

Release 1.97.59

Added:31 Mercedes MCM2/2.1Available SW:

Release 1.97.58

Added: Module release 31 Mercedes MCM2/2.1 Available SW: 17 KMZ Cummins CM2xxx 4.5-6.7Available SW:BAH_AX90016_14BAH_AX90026_13 27 [...]

Release 1.97.57

Added:Module release 29 China Truck Wise 15/15C 10 Toyota Denso DTCAvailable SW:89663-33A54 12 Subaru Denso [...]

Release 1.97.56

3 new modules:28 China Truck Cummins CM215029 China Truck Wise 15C (in beta testing)30 China [...]

Release 1.97.54

Improved:Optimized the speed of the program when opening/saving firmware files. Added:Update check function. 02 Toyota [...]

Release 1.97.53

Fixed:Character encoding error when installing the program on English-language versions of Windows Added: New License [...]

Release 1.97.52

Fixed problem with DTC find window size, when the display is scaled 125% or 150%

Release 1.97.51

Added: In the Bosch DTC mask, has been added the ability to search and delete [...]

Release 1.97.50

Added: 14 GAZ EDC17CV44 Available SW:P_949.7.9.1_YMZ-53445-A32_S3.6_20.10.2022P_949.7.9.1_YMZ-53443-A42_S3.6_20.10.2022P_1639.3.0.0_YMZ-53445-22_S3.14_28.01.2020P1076V100_GAZ_245.7_3309_101681C040_S03 16 GAZ Cummins CM2xxxRedesigned calibration maps, taking into account [...]